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The 32nd GBM of PSSI which was held at IPR Gandhinagar on the 8th Nov, 2017. The draft of the minutes of the meeting are given below for the kind perusal of the PSSI members.


Kindly read through the minutes and inform the PSSI Secretary Ms. Chhaya Chavda <>, if you feel anything needs to be added/removed from the minutes. This minutes is slated to be passed at the 33rd GBM to be held at Delhi University in during Plasma 2018

General Body Meeting


The General Body Meeting (GBM) of PSSI was convened at 18:30 on 8th November 2017 during the Plasma-2017.  A total of 96 PSSI members attended the meeting.

The PSSI president, Prof. Prabal Chattopadhyay welcomed the PSSI members and also invited the PSSI GC present at the meeting to the dais. The GC members present were ;

1.    Prof. Prabal Chattopadhyay (President, PSSI)

2.    Chhaya Chavda (Secretary, PSSI)

3.    Supriya Nair (Treasurer, PSSI)

4.    Ranjana Manchanda (Councilor)

5.    B K Shukla (Councilor)

The President then invited Mr. P. K. Atrey to chair the GBM.

The Secretary briefed the GBM regarding the activities of PSSI in the past year.

The Treasurer briefed the GBM regarding the accounts and the budget was passed unanimously by the GBM.

The other general points discussed during the GBM and the decisions taken are as follows ;

1)    GBM decided that details regarding the sponsored awards being given by PSSI needs to be displayed on the PSSI website as well as the conference website.  

2)    On the issue of PSSI accepting donations/awards, the GBM decided that a committee, with members nominated by and headed by the President PSSI, will formulate the guidelines and modalities for accepting donations and or instituting awards in the name of PSSI.  This committee will also look into the ideal number of poster/oral presentation awards that PSSI should give during the plasma conference.

3)    Regarding the corpus provided by Shri. Z. H. Sholapurwala to institute a new award, the GBM asked the President and the nominated committee to formulate the modalities of implementing this award, including selection criteria, award amount, frequency of award etc.

4)    The GBM decided that the PSSI/Conference website will display the guidelines and criteria for selection of awardees in both poster /oral presentations as well as Buti Young Scientist Award. 

5)    The GBM acknowledged the fact that PSSI is an associate member of AAPPS-DPP and hence decided that PSSI should continue supporting the Division of Plasma Physics, Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS-DPP) by providing the medal for the Chandrashekar Award which is being given by AAPPS-DPP. PSSI should also look into the possibility of adding PSSI name to the medal.

6)    To the question from Prof. S. Mukherjee as to why the Plasma Scholars’ Symposium (PSC) was not held this year, the President replied that PSSI had not received any bids for the same.

7)    There were four bids for upcoming Plasma conferences i.e., (a) VIT Chennai, (b) Delhi University, (c) RRCAT Indore, (d) GNDU, Amritsar and (e) University & Institute for Advanced Research, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

8)    The GBM, by an open vote, decided to award the upcoming plasma conferences as below ;

(a)  PLASMA-2018 was awarded to Delhi University and was accepted by Prof. Avinash Khare, who will be the Convener.

(b)  The PLASMA-2019 was awarded to VIT Chennai and was accepted by Dr. Arun Sarma, who will be the Convener.

(c)  PLASMA-2020 was awarded to Gurunanak Dev University, Amritsar, and was accepted by Prof. N. S. Saini who will be the Convener.

RRCAT had requested for 2018, but was offered 2019, which they refused.

9)    There were two bids for the next Plasma Scholars’ Symposium (a) Sikkim Manipal University  (b) Institute for Advanced Research, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, and GBM decided that ;

(a)  PSC-2018 will be hosted by the Sikkim Manipal Institute at Rangpo, Sikkim. Dr. Utpal Deka will organize this meeting.


(b)  PSC-2019 will be hosted by Institute for Advanced Research, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Dr. Ganesh Prasad will organize this meeting.

10) The GBM was undecided on the request for increase in Membership fees.


11) The President suggested that Plasma Conference papers should be published and he took upon himself the responsibility of carrying this idea forward, which was approved by the GBM.

12) The President also informed the GBM that the Astronomical Society of India (ASI) and PSSI need to work in tandem for the common interest of popularizing plasma physics and related sciences. The PSSI President will work towards fulfilment of this goal. This was approved by the GBM.

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