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The 30th GBM of PSSI which was held at SINP Kolkata on the 2nd Dec, 2015. The draft of the minutes of the meeting are given below for the kind perusal of the PSSI members.


Kindly read through the minutes and inform the PSSI Secretary Dr. N. Ramasubramanian <>, if you feel anything needs to be added/removed from the minutes. This minutes is slated to be passed at the 31st GBM to be held at Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore in December 2016.

Minutes of the PSSI General Body Meeting  held on 2nd December, 2015 at 

SINP, Kolkata

The GBM of PSSI was held at SINP, Kolkata on the 2nd Dec 2015. More than 80 members participated in the GBM.

1.        The President, Prof. Rabindranath Pal welcomed the members to the GBM and introduced the members, Dr. N Ramasubramanian (Secretary) and Ms. Supriya Nair (Treasurer).

2.        The president then initiated the proceedings of the GBM by first asking approval of the minutes of the meeting of the last GBM. Since the minutes were not readily available, the important points of the MoM were described by the Secretary and was approved by the GBM.

3.        The President expressed his concern over the reducing number of participants in the areas of Space and astrophysical plasma. To which, Prof Buti reiterated that the Scientific Committees formed for the plasma conference should be reconstituted with more appropriate representation of eminent scientists from all relevant areas of plasma science & technology.

4.        Prof. Manoranjan Khan expressed that the session on "Nuclear Fusion" should be changed to Fusion to include also ICF related work. However the GBM thought that the word "Nuclear Fusion" already includes all kinds of fusion related work, however. the conference is yet to see any contributed paper on ICF related work.

5.        Prof. Saxena expressed that in the past, there were several groups from all over India who actively participated in the plasma conferences, however, now it seems to be restricted to the bigger institutes only. He requested the GBM to look into this issie and ensure that there is active participation from all institutes / Universities where plasma related work is taking place. He also expressed that the Society needs to reach out to those who have stopped contributing to the PSSI conferences.

6.        The issue of parallel sessions was brought up by a member and Prof. Mukherji explained that after the recommendations of GBM of 2013, Parallel sessions were introduced in Plasma 2014 successfully. However, the logistics of organizing parallel sessions should be left to the local organizing committee and also ensuring the that the sessions that run in parallel have minimum common audiences.

7.        The President mentioned that the scope of the Plasma Students' Colloquium was getting diluted with the introduction of invited talks in the meeting. He reiterated that the original scope of the meeting was to provide a platform for students / research scholars working in the area of plasma science & technology to interact and also be able to deliver oral presentations / poster. Prof. Saxena reiterated that this colloquium should retain the original scope and the mentors/experts can be drawn from the host institution also, instead of inviting experts from outside to the Colloquium.

8.        The Secretary presented the activities of the previous year. The total number of life members as on 2 Dec 2015 was reported as 1302.

9.        He mentioned the new award instituted by Shri. S H Sholapurwala and this award of Rs.10,000 will be awarded yearly, starting from 2016. A selection committee will be constituted by PSSI to institute this award.

10.        The accounts for the year ending March 2015 were presented by the Secretary on behalf of the Treasurer. Prof Saxena mentioned that the audited accounts need to be printed and distributed to the members present at the GBM. Hence it was agreed that from the next GBM, the audited accounts would be included in the abstract book of the plasma conference.

11.        Prof. Prabal Chattopadhyay suggested that since many of the senior members of the society have retired or are at the verge of retirement, the society must take it upon itself to felicitate these eminent senior members of PSSI. This suggestion was supported by Prof. Saxena and Prof. Avinash Khare with the addition that the felicitation need not have any financial component.

12.        Prof. Prabal Chattopadhyay also suggested that the Society must try and increase its corpus from the current amount of Rs. 20 Lakhs to at least a Crore within the next few years. He added that with the current situation of reduced financial assistance to conferences from national funding agencies, PSSI should be able to give more financial support to the organizers of the Plasma conferences. He further said that PSSI should request its members to contribute generously to its corpus. Prof. Saxena suggested that like in the past, local organizing committee of plasma conferences should contribute unspent amounts from the conference to the PSSI corpus.

13.        The President mentioned that the APP, which has instituted the Chandrashekhar Award had requested PSSI to contribute to the award. The GBM unanimously decided that PSSI need not contribute to this award.

14.        The Secretary introduced the Convener of Plasma-2016 which is to be held at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Dr. Shanmugavelayudham made a brief presentation of the host university and their facilities for the information of the GBM.

15.        The Secretary put forward the application from Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar to host the 32nd National Symposium on Plasma Science & Technology (Plasma 2017), which was accepted by the GBM. 

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