1. Assets and Libilites: All assets and libilites of the of the society shall vest in the council and be managed by it in accordance with the provisions contained in these Rules and Regulations.


2. Litigations: The Society shall sue and be sued in the name of its Secretary.


3. Dissolution: The Society can be dissolved only at an extraordinary General Meeting of the society , called specifically to consider the issue and attended by atleast one fourth the number fo regular mambers on the rolls at the time . Consent of atleast 75 percent of the members present shall be necessary for the resolution to be declared carried.


In case the Society has to wound up , the property and funds of the society that will remain after full satisfaction of the libilites of the society , will be transferred to some other society in the country , with similar aims and objects.


4. Ammendments: No ammendments or alterations shall be made in the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the Society unless it is supported by two-third of regular members recording their votes at a General Body meeting convened for the purpose and confirmed in 2nd special meeting . The notice of the ammendments along with a voting paper shall be sent to all regular at least one month in advance of the date of the meeting and at the time of counting the votes cast in person by the members.


© PSSI 2008

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