(1) The name of the organisation (hereinafer called the "society " ) shall be Plasma Science Society of India.


(2) The Registered office of the society shall be Physical Research Loboratory, Ahmedabad and untill otherwise determined shall be situated at : Physical Research Laoratory, Ahmedabad - 380 009.


(3) The object of the society shall be the promotion and popularisation of Plasma Science in India. The functions of the society in pursuance of this object shall be :


(4) To encourage the study of all aspects of Plasma Science .


(5)To promote active ineraction among all persons, bodies, efucational and research institutions (private and/or state owned) and industries.


(6) To issue such publication (e.g. newsletters, reports, bulletins. journals incorporating research and teaching ideas etc.) from time to time , as may be decided upon by the Executive Council of the society.


(7) To popularise the plasma science among the educational and research institutions and the general public of India by (a) arranging lectures on various aspects of plasma science (b) striving to include plasma scince courses in colleges and universities-curricula (c) coooerating in the conduting of symposium , conferences, pannel discussions, workshops, etc. and (d) taking up any other suitable activity.


(8)To encourage coordinated research programmes among Indian Plasma Scinentists and exchange of research personnel between research institutions and Universities in India.


(9) To acquire property such as office premises, auditorium, research ;aboratories, hostels, etc.


(10) To frame, adopt and/or sanction rules and regulations whereby the society may think fit to guide itself or whereto the said society should confirm or have recourse to in the carrying out of its objectives and/or otherwise and from time to time vary,alter or confirm one or other of such rules and regulations and,


(11) To undertake and execute all other acts which shall promote all or any of the aims of the society.

And it is hereby declared that in the event of an ambiguity in the interpretation of this clause , the clause shall be constructed in such a way as to widen andnot to restrict the powers of the society. This will be reported in the next meeting of the society.


(12) The business of the society shall be controlled and conducted by an Executive Committe to be elected as in the Rules and Regulations . The functions and powers of the Executive Committe will be as laid down in the Rules and Regulations.


(13). Till such time that a regular Executive Committe ic duly elected within two years from the date here of the business of the society shall be controlled and conducted by an interim Committe consisting of the following persons:



Designation in society

Occupation and Addresss




Professor,Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad-380 009




Professor of Physics, (Aryabhata-chair) Departmant of Physics &Astrophysics,University of Delhi ,Delhi -110007




Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedebad -380009.


Prof. S.K.Trehan


Professor of Mathematics,Department of Mathematics,Punjab University,Chandigarh -160 014.


Dr.Som Krishan


Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore -560 012.


Pros. M.R. Gupta


Professor, Centre of Advanced Study in Applied Mathematics,Calcutta University,Calcutta-700 009.




Laser Section,Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai-400 085




Deputy Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Kaus, Delhi-110 015.


© PSSI 2008

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