From 2013, as per the decidion of the PSSI-GBM, PSSI has instituted awards for ORAL presentation at the  Plasma Science & Technology Symposium. The awards carry a cash component of Rs. 5000/- each and a certificate of merit. 


This award is applicable to students, research scholars and junior faculty making ORAL presentations. 


All awards are open to poster presentations from R&D institutions/ Universities/Colleges.


These awards are sponsored by PSSI.


Winner of these awards will have to become a member of PSSI if he/she is not already a  member.








Sneha Gokani

IIGM, Allahabad

Arrival Azimuth Determination Of Multistation Recorded Low Latitude Whistlers  In Indian Sector  

Rajib Kar

BARC, Mumbai

Effect Of Localized Surface Resonance On The Growth Of Carbon Nanowalls:Inference From Langmuir Probe Diagnostics

Jyotirmoy Pramanik

Kharagpur College

Self -Excited And Externally Driven Dust Acoustic Waves In Strongly Coupled    Dusty Plasmas






Jemy James

MG University

Laser Assisted Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles: A Green Approach -

Vramori Mitra

VIT Chennai

Study Of Fractality Of Nonlinear Oscillations In DC Glow y Using Detrended Fluctuation Analysi Discharge Magnetised Plasma

Meghraj Sengupta

IPR, Gandhinagar

Fate Of An Electron Plasma Subjected To Ion Resonance Instability: A Numerical Study At Arbitrary Aspect Ratio

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