From 2006, two awards for posters presented at the Plasma Science & Technology Symposium have been initiated. The awards carry a cash component of Rs. 5000/- each and a certificate of merit. This award is partly sponsored by the industry. Currently there are 4 awards in this category. Depending on the number of sponsors, the number of awards can go up.


There is NO age limit for this award.


All awards are open to poster presentations from R&D institutions/ Universities/Colleges.


There is no need for applying specifically for the award. The awards will be given on the basis of the posters evaluated at the time of the conference.


Only posters presented at the conference will be considered for the award. Please note that unattended posters WILL NOT be considered for the award.


Winner of these awards will have to become a member of PSSI if he/she is not already a  member.

PSSI is thankful to the various sponsors who have supported these awards over the years. 



(1st Author)




H. Singhal


On the use of ionization induced self de-focussing for efficient harmonic generation from plasma plumes


Sudeshna Lahiri

Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya, Bongaon

Numerical analysis of three-dimensional electric field in electrostatic precipitators



H. Singhal


Dependence of high order harmonic intensity on the medium length in laser produced plasma

A. Nagaraj


Thermal stability studies of plasma sprayed ittrium oxide coatings deposited on pure titanium

L M Awasti


Studies of plasma turbulance inlarge volume plasma device of a conducting aperture

Ajit Maurya

IIG, Mumbai

Application of lightning discharge generated radio atmospherics/tweeks in lower ionospheric discharge


Jigneshkumar Patel


Design of a FPGA Based Fuzzy Logic Controller hardware for Plasma Position Control in Aditya Tokamak

Rajneesh Kumar


Microplasmas And Applications In Photonic Crystal

B. S. Rao


Forward Raman Scattering Driven Self-Modulation Of Ultrashort, Intense Laser Pulse And Relativistic Electron Beam Generation From Underdense Plasma


S.J Jadeja

IPR, Gandhinagar

Fabrication and welding of PF # 4,5 superconducting magnet joint boxes in SST-1

A. K. Srivastava

BIT Jaipur

Observation of self-excited ionization waves in a planar dielcetric barrier discharge system at atmospheric pressure

H. Singhal

RRCAT, Indore

Higher order harmonic generation in plasma plume of in-situ produced silver nano particles

Jalaj Jain

BIT Jaipur

Optical effect on photo emissivity coeficients (PECS) of neutral He line emissions and its impact on line ratios


Samit Paul

IIT Kanpur

Physics of capillary guiding of focussed ion beams

Biswajit Adhikary


A low impedance 300kV 1.8kJ Marx generator as a test bed for reflex triodes

N. S. Saini

GNDU, Amritsar

KP equation for electrostatic solitary waves in a plasma containing non-extensive electrons in a plasma

M. Bhuyan


Structural and surface morphological changes on tungsten due to ion irradiation

U. Chakravarty

RRCAT Indore

Hole size effect in hard X-ray emission from intense laser irradiated nano-holes

Ujjwal Sinha

IPR Gandhinagar

Ion acceleration by circularly polarized laser pulses in thick targets

M. Kundu

IPR Gandhinagar

Laser interaction with nano-cluster in the few-cycle regime

K. A. Jadeja

IPR Gandhinagar

Application of RGA as leak detector in Aditya tokamak vacuum system

Satchi Kumari


Studies on laser induced Ruby plasma using Langmuir probes

Sumita K. Sharma

IASST, Guwahati

Dust charge measurement in the sheath of a RF discharge plasma


A. K Sanyasi

IPR, Gandhinagar

Observation of electromagnetic turbulence in the energetic electron belt region of LVPD plasma

Kshitish Kr Barada

IPR, Gandhinagar

The low magnetic field density peak in a helicon discharge.

B. S. Rao


Laser wake-field acceleration in a laser produced plasma plume target

B. Jana


PIC simulation of finite size transient photo plasma.

Pawan Kumar

Delhi Univ

Unbalanced Magnetron sputtered SnO2 and SnO2-CuO thin films for trace level H2S gas sensing. 

M. B. Chowdhuri

IPR Gandhinagar

Conceptual design of charge exchange recombination spectroscopic diagnostics on the SST-1 tokomak.

Shamsuddin Shaikh

IPR Gandhinagar

Parametric study of total radiation power loss from the Aditya Tokomak using Infrared Imaging Video Bolometer

B. Kakati

CPP, Guwahati

Studies on IAW propogation in low pressure hydrogen plasma in presence of dust.

Manoj Kumar Deka

IASST, Guwahati

Characteristric of electron free plasma produced by using cusp magnetic filter

Sham Singh

APS Univ, Rewa

Interaction of solar plasma near earth with reference to geo magnetic storm during 2011.

Ram Prakash

CEERI, Pilani

Dielectric Barrier discharge based VUV/UV Excimer plasma sources for societal and industrial Applications

N. Aomoa

CPP, Guwahati

Studies on synthesis of carbon encapsulated Iron Nano Particles by super sonic thermal plasma expansion technique

Rakesh Tanna

IPR, Gandhiinagar

P. K. Sharma

IPR, Gandhiinagar

Manisha Bhandarkar

IPR, Gandhiinagar

Harsha Macchhar



Shared between :

Dinesh Kumar

Upendra Kushwaha

PRL, Udaipur

Numerical Simulation Of Current Sheet Formation Through Superposition Of Force-Free Magnetic Fields

Evidence Of Magnetic Reconnection During The Evolutionary Phases Of A Solar  Prominence Eruption     

Roopendra Singh Rajawat

IPR, Gandhinagar

Study Of Linear And Nonlinear Evolution Of Buneman Instability 

Debajyoti Saha

SINP Kolkata

Investigation Of Complexity Dynamics Through The Study OfInverse Homoclinic  Bifurcation In The Fluctuations Of Glow Discharge Plasma          

Shail Pandey

IIT Kanpur

Self-excitation And Energy Transfer Of Buneman Instability To Temporally Growing Plasma During A Short-pulse Microwave Discharge 

Sumantra Chaudhuri

IIT Chennai

Effect Of RF Fields On The Debye Sheath Around A Charged Protein  

Abhijit Boruah

IASST, Guwahati

Observation Of Dust Acoustic Waves In A Strongly Coupled Dusty Plasma

Ranjini Menon

VECC, Kolkata

Measurement Of Ionization Efficiency Of Inductively Coupled Plasma Ion Source

Shared between :

S. Gowthamaraju

Rashmi S. Joshi

Bharathiyar University

IPR, Gandhinagar

Analysis Of Microstructure, Wear And Corrosion Behaviour Of Plasma Sprayed     Cr2O3, Al2O3 And TiO2 Composite Coatings

Data Acquisition Techniques For Randomly Occurring Arcs On A Dielectric         Surface 

Gayatri D. Dhamale

Pune University

Radio Frequency Thermal Plasma Synthesis of Nano Crystalline Yttium Oxide 

Jyoshnarani Mohapatra

Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar

Investigation Of Ferromagnetic Behavior In Nanocrystalline ZnO Synthesized By In-flight Thermal Plasma Technique

Akansha Gupta

IPR, Gandhinagar

Stability And Nonlinear Studies Of Shear Flow In Strongly Coupled Fluids

Shared between :


M. Raja

Sudeep Bhattacharya

Karunya University

IIT Kanpur

Analysis Of Thermal History And Residual Stress In Plasma Sprayed Coatings

Temporal Evolution Of The Electron Energy Distribution During Birth Of A          Wave Induced Plasma: Lapse And Relapse Of A Maxwellian    

K. Jayshankar

IMMT, Bhubaneswar

Innovative Thermal Plasma Processing For Treatment Of Mineral Wastes

Uday Chakravarty

RRCAT, Indore

Oscillator Model For Nano-Tube Plasma Interacting With Intense Few Cycle Laser Pulses

Shared between :


Ajit Upadhyay

B. S. Rao


RRCAT, Indore

Monoenergetic Electron Acceleration From 3TW – 45 Fsec Laser Pulse   


Laser  Wake-Field  Acceleration In High-Z Gas Jets

Shared between :


Maninder Panesar

Chandrashekar Shukla


Delhi University

IPR, Gandhinagar

Laser Beat-Wave Acceleration In A Relativistic Collision-Dominated Plasma 

Guiding Of Relativistic Electron Beams Through Structured Plasma

Rishi Verma

BARC, Vishakapatanam

Design And Development Of High Flux Pulsed Neutron Source For Applications

Nilam Ramaiya

IPR, Gandhinagar

A Pmt Array Based Diagnostics To Measure Spatial And Temporal Behavior Of     H-alfa emission from Aditya tokamak

Kanchan Mahavar

IPR, Gandhinagar

Experimental Study Of Thermal Characteristic Of Different Thin Metal Foils For Infrared Imaging Video Bolometer And Comparison With FEM Simulations.   

Sarita Das

IMMT, Bhubaneswar

Study of the H-alfa Line Broadening in Plasma Torch Used for Coating Application


Lavkesh Lachhvani

IPR, Gandhinagar

Resistive Wall Destabilization Of Electron Plasmas In SMARTEX-C

Privayavandana Rathod

Design Of A Line Type Pulsed Modulator For S-Band Magnetron For SYMPLE

Prijil Mathew

S.B College, Changanacherry, Kerala

A Novel Approach To The Study Of Hysteresis, And Negative Resistance In Glow Discharge Plasma

Vinisha Rani

VIT Chennai

Surface Modifications Of Natural Kanchipuram Silk (Pattu) FibersUsing Glow

Discharge Plasma



The Usefulness of Oblique View Electron Cyclotron Emission (ECE) Calculations for ITER

Sarita Das


Detection Of Na D Spectral Lines And Their Usage In Monitoring The Reduction Processes Of Iron OxideIn Microwave Hydrogen Plasma

Pankaj Srivastav

IPR, Gandhinagar

In-Situplane Switching (IPS) Heating Mechanism For High Density Plasma Source In LVPD

D. Kalita

CPP-IPR, Guwahti

Dust Charging In Presence Of Magnetic Field In Low Pressure Hydrogen Discharge

Manish K. Shukla

University of Delhi

Effects of Strong Coupling on Dust Acoustic Waves Driven By Ion-Dust Streaming Instability

R. Shreshtha

Kathmandu University

Surface Modification Of High Density Polyethylene And Polycarbonate By

Atmospheric Pressure Cold Argon/Oxygen Plasma Jet

Akshay Vaid

IPR, Gandhinagar

Development Of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Torch Array For Blood Coagulation

Aaditya V. Majalee

BARC, Vishakapatnam

Simulation Of Exploding Foil Produced Dense Plasma And Comparison With Preliminary Experimental Results

Shreekant Barnwal

RRCAT, Indore

Measurement of Gain-Coefficient of 46.9 nm Capillary Discharge Soft X-ray Laser

Ratan Kumar Bera

IPR, Gandhinagar

Relativistic Electron Beam Driven Wake-Field Excitation in A Cold Plasma

Mridula Neelkantan

VSSC, Trivandrum

A Case Study On The Occurrence /Non Occurrence Of Equatorial Spread F Over Dip Equator

Prachi Sharma

IIT, Delhi

Localization And Turbulent Spectrum Of 3-D Inertial Alfvén Wave In Low Betaplasma

Pravesh Dhyani

IPR, Gandhinagar

Effect On Electrostatic And Magnetic Fluctuations Due To Biased Electrode In ADITYA Tokamak

R.L. Tanna

IPR, Gandhinagar

High-Current Long-Pulse Plasma Discharges In Aditya Tokamak



Lavkesh Lachhvani

IPR, Gandhinagar

Launching of diocotron mode in toroidal electron plasma experiment: Smartex-c

Abhijit Ghosh

SINP, Kolkata

Observation of Drift Modes in RF Produced Magnetized Plasmas

Pallavi Pathak

IASST, Guwahati

Observation of Ion-Acoustic Kuznetsov-Ma Solitons in Multicomponent Plasma with Critical Concentration of Negative Ions

Shivam Kumar Mishra

IPR, Gandhinagar

Relativistic Motion Of A Charged Particle In A Plane Polarized Light Propagating Along A Constant Magnetic Field

Mukund Kumar

RRCAT Indore

Shadowgraphy of Plasma Plumes using EUV Radiation Generated Through High Order Harmonic Generation of Ti: Sapphire Laser pulse

Shikha Binwal

IPR, Gandhinagar

A pin-plane probe method to determine plasma parameters in magnetized discharges

Surabhi Jaiswal

IPR, Gandhinagar

Neutral drag force measurements in a flowing complex plasma

Abhijit Boruah

IASST, Guwahati

Observation of Dust Acoustic Shock Waves in Strongly Coupled Dusty Plasma

G. Jhala

IPR Gandhinagar

The influence of distance between cathodic cage and the specimens during plasma nitriding of low carbon steel

Sanghamitro Chatterjee

IIT, Kanpur

Tuning the wettability of materials by microwave plasma generated low energy ion beams

D. Hazra

RRCAT, Indore

Generation of beyond 100 MeV electrons from laser wakefield acceleration through ionization induced injection

Ratan Kumar Behera

IPR Gandhinagar

Effect of ion motion on relativistic electron beam driven plasma wakefield phenomena

Lalit Mohan Joshi

PRL, Udaipur

Reliable measurement of F region vertical plasma drift during the daytime using ionosonde Doppler technique

Sanjay Kumar

IASST, Guwahati

Formation of flux rope and large-scale contraction of coronal loops by repetitive magnetic reconnections

Krishna Enni

VSSC, Trivandrum

Optical Emission Spectroscopy: A diagnostic Tool For Understanding Plasma Reactions During Plasma Processing


Akshay Vaid

IPR, Gandhinagar

Interaction of atmospheric pressure plasma jet with lung cancer cell line

Ram Prakash Lamba

CEERI Pilani

Indigenously developed pseudospark discharge based high current switch

Prabir Mitra

PRL, Udaipur

Flux Rope Eruption From a Sigmoid Active Region: Triggering Mechanism and Large-scale Magnetic Reconnection

Hari Prasad M. G.

IPR, Gandhinagar

Experimental Investigation of Crystalline Structures and Phase Transition in DPEx

Amit Kumar Singh

IPR, Gandhinagar

Zero-dimensional modeling of ECRH-assisted plasma start-up in SST-1

Kavita Rathore

IIT Kanpur

Application of fractal dimension for the study of tomographic images of a microwave induced compact plasma

Nandini Yadav

Gujarat University

Identification and simulation of spectral molecular bands of Nitrogen present in RF plasmas

Tayyab Mohammad

RRCAT, Indore

Proton Acceleration with Chirped Laser Pulses

Vinod Singh

DAV College, Dehradun

Terahertz radiation generation by two intense COSH Gaussian laser beam in magnetized plasma

Anshu Verma

IIT, Delhi

Study of Magnetized Plasma Expansion

Kamalam T.

IIGM, Mumbai

First report of electron acoustic super-solitary wave in a magnetized plasma

Bharathi P.

IPR Gandhinagar

Characterization Of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Using Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Prabhakar Srivastav

IPR, Gandhinagar

Inward Turbulent Particle Flux in ETG Dominated Plasma of LVPD

Kalyani Barman

IIT Kanpur

Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Electrical Modelling of Atmospheric Pressure Micro Plasma Jets




Title of abstract


Dipanjana Hazra


Generation of quasi-monoenergetic electron beams through direct laser acceleration using ionization induced injection in high-Z mixed gas target

Rakeshkumar Patel


DAQ Development for Prototype MgB2 Current Lead Test Facility

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