Mr. Z. H. Sholapurwala, Managing Director of Zeonics Systech D & A Engg. (P) Ltd., Bangalore. a large Defence & Atomic Engg. equipment supplier based in Bangalore has initiated two awards for Poster presentation for two outstanding works on engineering aspect of Fusion science & Technology done in India.


The Idea of the award is to kindle young generation to pick up work in Fusion Research which will be very useful in future. The TWO first & TWO second prizes for the award will carry Certificate of merit & a prize of Rs. 5,000/- & Rs. 2,500/- respectively. The awards will be given every year, beginning from year 2007. Details will be given in the annual Plasma conference announcement.


There is NO age limit for the award. It is open for participants (Only Indian nationals) from all R&D Institutions / Universities situated in India.


There is no need for applying specifically for the award. The awards will be given on the basis of the posters evaluated at the time of the conference.


Only posters presented at the conference will be considered for the award. Please note that unattended posters WILL NOT be considered for the award.


Winner of these awards will have to become a member of PSSI if he/she is not already a  member.

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(1st Author)




M. Vijay

Bharatiar University, Coimbatore

Bactericidal efects of reactive thermal plasma syntheized titanium diaoxide photocatalysts


N. Tripathi

IPR, Gandhinagar

Development of cast resin multi-secondary 1600KVA transformer for


M. R. Jana

IPR, Gandhinagar

Ion Beam Optics Calculation for Low Current Operation of PINI Ion Source for SST-1 NBI

Rohit Shukla

BARC, Vishakapatanam

Low Voltage Operation of Plasma Focus


S. Ghorui

BARC, Mumbai

Direct probing of arc-anode attachments in non-transferred arc plasma

M. Kakati

CPP-IPR, Guwahati

Development of a segmented plasma torch assisted tailored heat source for performance evaluation of plasma facing components in fusion devices

Dinesh K. Sharma

IPR, Gandhinagar

Programming, testing & integration of new ADC module (IP330) for SST-1 coil power supply system

S. Sasanka Kumar

CUSAT, Cochin

Characterization of fusion debris on tokamak window and development of an automated setup for cleaning the window


Ram Niranjan

BARC Mumbai

Study of ions emitted from a plasma focus device using Faraday cup and solid state nuclear track detector

Pravesh Dhyani

IPR Gandhinagar

Electrode biasing experiment in Aditya tokamak

N C Patel

IPR Gandhinagar

Design & development of 4-channel fast counter for charge exchange diagnostics

Mahesh Kushwaha


Modified design of existing trigger module for series ignitron crowbar system of ITER-India gyrotron test facility (IIGTF)


Rakesh Tanna

IPR, Gandhinagar

Disruption Characterization And Database Generation For Itpa Disruption Database From Aditya Tokamak Discharges

Nitin Bairangi

IPR, Gandhinagar

Application Of Multi Layer Insulation (MLI) On SST-1 Cryogenic Surfaces

Ritesh Sugandhi

IPR, Gandhinagar

Development Of Epics Based Software Toolkit For Critical Heat Flux Computions For Divertor Mockups Testing At High Heat Flux Test Facility

Rohit Agarwal


High Voltage Direct Current Water Load Bank


Chirag Mistry


Thermo-Mechanical Analysis Of Heat Transfer Elements (Htes) Of Second Calorimeter For Neutral Beam Indian Test Facility (INTF)

Priyanka Brahmabhatt

IPR, Gandhinagar

A Tritium Transport Model For Lead Lithium Cooled Ceramic Breeder (LLCB) Test Blanket Module (TBM) System

Neelanjan Buzarbaruah


Helium Ion Irradiation On The Materials Relevant To Fusion Research

Sunil Balsare

IPR, Gandhinagar

Data Acquisition And Control System For The Setup Of New Flux Test Facility At IPR High Heat


Harshita Raj

IPR, Gandhinagar

Effect of multiple Gas-puffs on Plasma density and temperature in Aditya tokamak

Jainish Topiwala


Study of weld defect behavior under the operational conditions of Heat Transfer Element: First phase

Akhil Jha


Development of 12inch Gas Barrier Assembly for Cooling of Transmission Line Components

H L Swami

IPR, Gandhinagar

Neutronic performance optimization study of Indian fusion demo reactor first wall & breeding blanket


  P. K. Sharma

IPR, Gandhinagar

Design of a High CW Power Circulator for LHCD System of SST-1 Tokamak

  M. R. Jana

IPR, Gandhinagar

Water cooling system for SST neutral beam injection system: from concept to engineering design

Mahesh Ghate

IPR, Gandhinagar

Manufacturing Aspects Of Long Length Superconducting Cable In Conduit Conductors

  H. D. Nimavat

IPR, Gandhinagar

Role of Helium leak detection in SST-1 Cryogenics system

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